Short-Term Intravenous Administration of Carbon Nano-Onions is Non-Toxic in Female Mice


A nanoscale drug carrier could have a variety of therapeutic and diagnostic uses provided that the carrier is biocompatible in vivo. Carbon nano-onions (CNOs) have shown promising results as a nanocarrier for drug delivery. However, the systemic effect of CNOs in rodents is unknown. Therefore, we investigated the toxicity of CNOs following intravenous administration in female BALB/c mice.

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International Journal of Nanomedicine
Adalberto Camisasca
Adalberto Camisasca
Postdoctorate Fellow

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Silvia Giordani
Silvia Giordani
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My research interests are in the design, synthesis, and characterization of hybrid smart nanomaterials for biomedical, energy and environmental applications