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    Privacy Policy

    Last updated 2022-10-27

    All the following points should be read as “to the best of my knowledge”. I am not a website expert, so I can’t vouch for how this website is actually implemented. I can only tell you about my intentions.

    Collection of your personal information

    This website uses the third party tracking tool Netlify Analytics, which neither uses cookies nor stores any personally identifiable information. Netlify Analytics is fully GDPR compliant. I do not collect this information and have no access to it other than as aggregated reports.

    No other personal information is collected through this website.

    For any information collected externally, such as for example photos acquired during a conference, written and/or verbal permission was acquired for obtaining this data and for sharing it on this website.

    How can you review, update, or delete personal information?

    Any user who’s data is represented on the website, such as for example in photos, retains all rights to have the data reviewed, updated, or deleted. To request this, please contact the site administrator using the contact form above.