Hugh Mohan

Hugh Mohan

PhD Student

Dublin City University

Lay abstract of my research project

Modern chemotherapy treatments cause terrible side effects such as nausea and hair loss. This is because anticancer drugs affect healthy areas of our bodies, not just tumours. The goal of my research is to use Boron/Nitrogen co-doped carbon nano-onions (BN-CNOs) as vehicles to deliver drug molecules directly to cancer tissues. To do this, the nano-onions are coated with a polymer to allow them to be dispersed in water, and therefore travel throughout the body. This polymer coating can also include a targeting ligand, which acts as a honing device to direct the nanoparticles to cancer cells.

  • Nanocarriers
  • CNOs
  • Theragnostics
  • BSc in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science

    Dublin City University 2021

  • Non-Covalently Functionalised Boron/Nitrogen Co-doped Carbon Nano-onions as Targeted Nanocarriers

    7th Annual DCU Chemistry Day, Dublin, Ireland

    Oral April 2022

  • Supramolecular functionalisation of B/N co-doped carbon nano-onions for novel nanocarrier systems

    Un. Montpellier@DCU – Advances in Materials Chemistry, Dublin, Ireland

    Oral June 2022

  • Non-covalently functionalised boron/nitrogen co-doped carbon nano-onions as targeted nanocarriers

    32nd International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials, Lisbon, Portugal

    Oral September 2022

  • Towards targeted, fluorescent nanocarrier systems based on doped carbon nano-onions

    23rd International Conference on the Science and Applications of Nanotubes and Low-dimensional Materials, Arcachon, France

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  • Supramolecular functionalisation of B/N co-doped carbon nano-onions for theragnostic applications

    73rd Irish Universities Chemistry Research Colloquium Dublin, Ireland

    Poster June 2022

  • A fluorescent, targeted nanocarrier system based on doped carbon nano-onions

    16th International Conference on materials chemistry, Dublin, Ireland

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